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The synergism acetylcholine-eserine in the epinephrine induced ventricular automaticity.

Heart ventricular strips of the rat in Krebs solution were used to test the synergism acetylcholine-eserine. Ventricular automaticity induced by epinephrine 1 10(-6) is inhibited by acetylcholine (a 50% reduction of the automatism is observed with acetylcholine 1,23 10(-8) while four different concentrations of eserine cause an evident potentiation of the effect of acetylcholine (with eserine a 10(-5) the ED50 of acetylcholine is 2,57 10(-14)). It is concluded that the synergism eserine-acetylcholine is a synergism with potentiation and the acetylcholine introduced in the Krebs solution interacts with receptors different from those activated by the acetylcholine which accumulates when cholinesterase is inhibited by eserine.[1]


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