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The activities of alanine aminopeptidase, leucine aminopeptidase, proline dipeptidase and prolyl dipeptidase in the mucosa of the small intestine. Investigations on normal children and patients with the malabsorption syndrome.

Alanine aminopeptidase (EC, leucine aminopeptidase (EC, proline dipeptidase (EC, and prolyl dipeptidase (EC have been investigated in small intestinal mucosa homogenates of normal children and children suffering from different degrees of villous damage. The activities of proline dipeptidase and prolyl dipeptidase could be shown to be significantly decreased in cases of subtotal and total villous atrophy, whereas the activities of alanine aminopeptidase and leucine aminopeptidase were not influenced. The results are discussed in view of the subcellular distribution of these enzymes.[1]


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