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Intestinal Mucosa

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  • Electrophysiologic data from intestinal mucosa showed that the NSP4 114-135 peptide potentiates chloride secretion by a calcium-dependent signaling pathway [27].
  • The ability of intestinal mucosa to absorb dietary ferric iron is attributed to the presence of a brush-border membrane reductase activity that displays adaptive responses to iron status [28].
  • Sublingual absorption of nifedipine has been found to be poor; most of the drug is absorbed by the intestinal mucosa [29].
  • These results domonstrate the fundamental similarity of the initial step in the metabolism of triglyceride-rich lipoproteins from intestinal mucosa and liver and show that loss of triglycerides from the core of the particles is accompanied by removal of polar components from the surface [30].
  • The data suggest that the small intestinal mucosa normally contributes to bilirubin metabolism [31].

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