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Analysis of the Escherichia coli proBA locus by DNA and protein sequencing.

A 2.9 kb DNA fragment carrying the Escherichia coli proBA region, which encodes the first two enzymes of the proline biosynthetic pathway, was subcloned onto an expression plasmid carrying both the bacteriophage lambda PL promoter (lambda PL) and the lambda gene encoding a thermolabile cI repressor protein (cI857). Derepression of the lambda PL promoter by thermal inactivation of the cI857 repressor protein resulted in the simultaneous overproduction of the proB (gamma-glutamyl kinase) and proA (gamma-glutamyl phosphate reductase) gene products. Nucleotide sequence analysis of the proBA locus allowed gene assignments consistent with the NH2 and COOH-terminal analyses and amino acid compositions of homogeneous preparations of the proB and proA proteins. The contiguous nature of the proB and proA genes suggests that the two genes constitute an operon in which proB precedes proA.[1]


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