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HLA loss variants of a B27+ lymphoblastoid cell line: genetic and cellular characterization.

Variants of a lymphoblastoid cell line, LCL 526 (SB3 MB1 DR1 B44 C5 A2/SB4 MT4 DR4 B27 C2 A24), which lost various HLA specificities were selected with monoclonal antibodies and complement using a method developed by Kavathas et al. (PNAS 77:4251, 1980). Using alpha B27 monoclonals, 8 B27 only loss mutants and 4 B27 haplotype multiple loss mutants were generated. The parental LCL 526 and two of the B27- mutants were used to select alpha B27 CTLs. The selection of six A2 loss, one A2-C5 loss, and 14 A2 haplotype multiple loss variants as well as secondary selection on haplotype loss variants to obtain A null, B null, DR null, and total A, B, C, null variants is also described. The usefulness of these mutants for the study of the relationship between B27 and disease and as two new haplotypes for immunologic, genetic, and molecular research is discussed. These mutants are available to other researchers.[1]


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