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Effect of acidosis, alkalosis and monofluoroacetate administration on citrate and ATP content of rat renal medulla and papilla.

1. --Renal distribution of citrate showed that there is an increase in citrate content from cortex to medulla and a decrease from medulla to papilla. Alkalosis produced an increase in citrate content and acidosis a decrease in renal citrate content, in each of the studied renal area. Monofluoroacetate produced no significant change in citrate content of medulla or papilla; it did not interfere with the acido-basic related changes in cortex citrate content, but its effect was additive. 2. --Renal distribution of ATP significantly decreased from cortex to medulla and from medulla to papilla. Acid or basic diet had no influence on intratissular ATP content. Fluoroacetate decreased renal ATP content.[1]


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