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The receptosome: an intermediate organelle of receptor mediated endocytosis in cultured fibroblasts.

Receptor-mediated endocytosis of specific ligands is mediated through clustering of receptor-ligand complexes in coated pits on the cell surface. Following this clustering event, the ligand is internalized into a noncoated intracellular vesicle, the receptosome, which selectively avoids fusion with lysosomes and moves toward the Golgi region of the cell by saltatory motion. Using alpha 2-macroglobulin as the ligand and electron microscopic cytochemical methods, we have shown the unusual appearance of this previously undescribed organelle and have followed the labeled ligand in these vesicles in the cytoplasm. To accomplish this, cells were incubated with immunolabeled alpha 2-macroglobulin at 4C under conditions where ligand-receptor complexes cluster into coated pits on the cell surface. Formation of the receptosome occurs between 2 and 5 min after raising the temperature of cells to 37C. These labeled receptosomes were seen to associate with many small vesicular elements in the cytoplasm, and were often found near the Golgi or GERL region after 15 min. Between 15 and 30 min a significant transfer of labeled ligand occurred from the receptosomal population to a population of small uniform lysosomes. By 60 min, all of the label was contained in these small lysosomes. Immunocytochemical studies showed that the receptosomes were not associated with clathrin, actin, myosin or tubulin. This unique, short-lived, specialized organelle selectively delivers the products of receptor-mediated endocytosis to intracellular sites.[1]


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