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Suppression of antibody responses by cells from mice treated with picryl sulfonic acid: T cells that suppress IgG antibody without inhibiting concomitant IgE responses.

T cells from mice injected with picryl sulfonic acid (PSA) can inhibit the anti-trinitrophenyl (TNP) antibody responses of mice produced after skin painting with picryl chloride (PCl). This had unusual specificity because the cells could inhibit IgG PFC responses in draining lymph nodes by 90% without affecting anti-TNP IgE responses as measured by heterologous adoptive cutaneous anaphylaxis. Although showing specificity for the class of antibody, the suppressors did inhibit IgG antibody responses to another sensitizer, oxazolone, although to a lesser degree. Responses to TNP-KLH, however, were unaffected.[1]


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