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Molecular relationships of the human B cell alloantigens, MT2, MB3, MT4, and DR5.

The human class II, HLA-linked, B cell alloantigens include the HLA-DR, MB, MT, and Te determinants. Interest in the molecular relationships of these antigens has recently intensified because of their homology to the murine Ia antigens and their possible importance in disease predisposition and transplantation. We have used alloantisera with carefully defined immunochemical as well as serologic specificity, and two immunochemical techniques, sequential immunoprecipitation with analysis by SDS-PAGE and two-dimensional gel electrophoresis, to explore the molecular relationships of the MT2, MB3, MT4, and HLA-DR5 antigenic determinants. The data presented here indicate that 1) all class II molecules that bear the DR5 antigenic determinant also bear the MT2 antigenic determinant; (2) the homozygous DR5 cell line, Swei, expresses at least two structurally distinct class II molecules, both of which bear MT2: one bears the MT2, MB3, and MT4 antigenic determinants, and the second bears the MT2, but not the MB3 or MT4 antigenic determinant; and (3) the DR5 determinant is located on at least one and possibly both of these distinct class II molecules.[1]


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