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In vitro uptake and transfer of chlorinated hydrocarbons among human lipoproteins.

The uptake, distribution, and exchange of chlorinated hydrocarbon insecticides (dieldrin and chlordecone) and biphenyls (2,4,5-2',4',5'-hexachlorobiphenyl and 3-chlorobiphenyl) among human lipoproteins was examined by fluorescence quenching, gel filtration, and ultrafiltration. The chlorinated hydrocarbons were rapidly taken up from solution or silica particles by lipoproteins. The distribution of chlorinated hydrocarbons among the lipoproteins was independent of the amount taken up by the lipoproteins. The partition coefficient for each lipoprotein and the serum concentration of individual lipoproteins determined the distribution pattern of chlorinated hydrocarbons among lipoproteins. The chlorinated hydrocarbons attached to albumin or one of the lipoproteins were rapidly transferred to all other lipoproteins. The exchange was complete in less than one minute. The role of rapid exchange of chlorinated hydrocarbons among lipoproteins in removal of these chemicals from blood and distribution to other tissues is discussed.[1]


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