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Relative phosphate contents of phosphofructokinase and other soluble phosphoproteins in skeletal muscle.

In vivo phosphorylation of muscle proteins has been studied by incorporation of [32P]phosphate with emphasis placed upon the phosphorylation of glycolytic enzymes. Of the approximately 25 soluble proteins resolved by two-dimensional electrophoresis that contain significant 32P, phosphofructokinase was the sole glycolytic enzyme identified as a phosphoprotein. The extent of phosphorylation found for this enzyme was the same as determined previously for purified phosphofructokinase and was about the same as the extent of phosphorylation of phosphorylase in resting muscle. Subsequent partial purification of several glycolytic enzymes confirmed the absence of significant amount of phosphate. However, phosphoglycerate mutase contained small amounts of covalently bound 32P that was exchangeable with 3-phosphoglycerate and therefore, most likely was incorporated during the catalytic reaction cycle. Analogous results were obtained for phosphoglucomutase. Both mutases were also phosphorylated at the same sites by the catalytic subunit of cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinase.[1]


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