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Adenine + thymine content of different genes located on the broad host range plasmid RP4.

The genetic map of plasmid RP4 was correlated with its adenine+thymine (AT) map. For this purpose, RP4 DNA was digested with one or both of the restriction enzymes EcoRI and HindIII and the resulting linear RP4 molecules and fragments were partially denatured, examined in the electron microscope and their AT maps were determined using a computer program. From these AT maps the EcoRI and HindIII restriction sites were located on the AT map of RP4. Since the positions of these restriction sites on the genetic map of RP4 are known, the maps could be compared. They revealed a high AT content for the Tn1 transposon and the kanamycin resistance gene. The tra-1 region is also distinguished by a sharply defined AT-rich region, whereas tra-2 and the tetracycline resistance gene have an AT content which is not distinctly different from the average AT content of RP4.[1]


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