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Some characteristics of processing sites in ribosomal precursor RNA of yeast.

The DNA sequences of the intergenic region between the 17S and 5.8S rRNA genes of the ribosomal RNA operon in yeast has been determined. In this region the 37S ribosomal precursor RNA is specifically cleaved at a number of sites in the course of the maturation process. The exact position of these processing sites has been established by sequence analysis of the terminal fragments of the respective RNA species. There appears to be no significant complementarity between the sequences surrounding the two termini of the 18S secondary precursor RNA nor between those surrounding the two termini of 17S mature rRNA. This finding implies that the processing of yeast 37S ribosomal precursor RNA is not directed by a double-strand specific ribonuclease previously shown to be involved in the processing of E. coli ribosomal precursor RNA [see Refs 1,2]. The processing sites of yeast ribosomal precursor RNA described in the present paper are all flanked at one side by a very [A+T]-rich sequence. In addition, sequence repeats are found around the processing sites in this precursor RNA. Finally, sequence homologies are present at the 3'-termini [6 nucleotides] and the 5'-termini [13 nucleotides] of a number of mature rRNA products and intermediate ribosomal RNA precursors. These structural features are discussed in terms of possible recognition sites for the processing enzymes.[1]


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