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Gene Review

UTI89_C1148  -  intergenic-region protein

Escherichia coli UTI89

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  • A construct was made in which the intergenic region between the contiguous carA and carB genes was deleted and the sequences encoding the carbamyl-phosphate synthetase subunits were fused in frame [16].
  • Structure and evolution of the 4.5-5S ribosomal RNA intergenic region from Glycine max (soya bean) [17].
  • However, expression of allS is independent of regulators of the Ntr response, NtrC or Nac. Band shift experiments showed that AllR binds to DNA containing the allS-allA intergenic region and the gcl(P) promoter and its binding is abolished by glyoxylate [18].
  • Meningococcal sialic acid capsule expression is initiated by divergent promoters in a 134-bp intergenic region, is repressed at the transcriptional level by the 5' UTR of synA, is increased during stationary-phase growth, and shows species-specific regulation [19].
  • Effects of structural changes in the dsdA-dsdC intergenic region on D-serine deaminase synthesis [20].

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