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Chemical linkage of erythrocytes and viral antigen in the hemolysis-in-gel (HIG) test for viral antibodies.

The sensitivity of the hemolysis-in-gel (HIG) test with rubella antigen is not improved by chemical linkage of the virus to the erythrocytes, and after such modification, IgM specific antibodies are not detectable. In the influenza HIG test with tetraazotized o-dianisidine (TOD), chromic chloride and potassium periodate as coupling reagents, increased sensitivity was observed with allantoic fluid of infected eggs as antigen. If Tween-ether treated hemagglutinin is used in the HIG test, zones of hemolysis are detectable only after treatment of the erythrocytes with TOD, chromic chloride and potassium periodate.[1]


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