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Effects of the opioid benzodiazepine tifluadom and its optical isomers on spontaneous locomotor activity of mice.

The opioid benzodiazepine tifluadom and its (+) and (-) enantiomers affect locomotor activity of mice with patterns different from those of diazepam or the prototype opioids morphine (mu) or bremazocine (kappa). Lacking the initial locomotor inhibition, the sum of activity of the two enantiomers does not comply with the effects of the racemic mixture, thus indicating a non-additive interaction. In addition to the opioid effects of tifluadom, the effective antagonisms to the locomotor stimulatory phase of this compound and its enantiomers by Ro 15-1788 points to some interaction with the benzodiazepine/GABA-receptor complex.[1]


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