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Structural specificity of aromatic compounds with special reference to mutagenic activity in Salmonella typhimurium--a series of chloro- or fluoro-nitrobenzene derivatives.

The mutagenicity of 21 chloro- or fluoronitrobenzene compounds and 9 chloro- or fluorobenzene compounds in Salmonella typhimurium (strains TA98, TA1538, TA1537, TA100 and TA1535) was examined. The tests were carried out under the conditions of absence and presence of liver microsomal activation. 15 nitro-group compounds had mutagenic activity; above all, compounds of fluoronitrobenzene were mutagenic for both types of strain. On the other hand, chloronitrobenzene compounds were mutagenic for base-pair substitution strains only. Mutagenic activity was exhibited by all compounds having a chloro or fluoro substituent at the para and ortho position in the nitrobenzene nucleus. All compounds without a nitro substituent showed no mutagenic activity.[1]


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