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Isoelectric focusing and electrophoresis of the CSF proteins in tremor of different origins.

The CSF proteins have previously been very little investigated in the cerebellar syndrome of chronic alcoholism and in essential tremor. Such studies have been carried out more thoroughly by electrophoretic methods in Parkinson's disease but generally with normal results. In the present investigation the CSF proteins were examined by isoelectric focusing and quantitative paper electrophoresis in 10 patients with the cerebellar syndrome of chronic alcoholsm, 12 patients with Parkinson's disease and 16 subjects with essential tremor. Abnormal CSF proteins of very similar appearance were found on isoelectric focusing in the acidic pH interval 5.6-5.8 in 80% of the patients with the cerebellar syndrome of chronic alcoholism. In Parkinson's disease the most common aberration was evidence of nonspecific blood-CSF-barrier damage which occurred in half of the patients. In only 17% of these cases did other alterations appear, situated in the pH range alkaline to pH 5. 8. Abnormal CSF proteins were found in 94% of the patients with essential tremor. The aberrant proteins appeared in both the acidic and alkaline pH regions, most frequently with anisoelectric point at pH 5.9, 7.2 and 9. 3. There was a considerably higher frequency of CSF protein abnormalities in different pH ranges in patients with tremor of more pronounced degree as compared to those with only mild symptoms. The electrophoretic examinations failed to show any conclusive alterations. Barrier-damage patterns of mild or moderate degree or slightly increased levels of CSF beta1-globulin were occasionally found in all 3 diseases. The results indicate that isoelectric focusing of the CSF proteins may be of diagnostic value in the cerebellar syndrome of chronic alcoholism and in essential tremor but does not reveal any characteristic abnormalities in Parkinson's disease.[1]


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