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Evaluation of bismuth subsalicylate in relieving symptoms of indigestion.

The efficacy of bismuth subsalicylate in relieving the symptoms of indigestion was evaluated in a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind, cross-over study in 48 adults. Each patient was treated for six episodes of indigestion, three episodes with bismuth subsalicylate and three with placebo. Volunteers took 30 ml when the symptoms first occurred and repeated the dose every half hour, as needed, for eight doses. The volunteers rated the severity of each symptom 15 and 30 minutes after each dose. Overall relief was achieved faster and in a higher proportion of cases in bismuth subsalicylate-treated episodes than in placebo-treated episodes. Bismuth subsalicylate provided greater and faster relief than placebo for nausea, sense of fullness, heartburn, feeling of abdominal distention, and flatulence, but not for upper abdominal pain.[1]


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