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Disease relevance of Flatulence


Psychiatry related information on Flatulence

  • Dizziness (p = 0.05), dry mouth (p = 0.05), somnolence, nausea, flatulence, and decreased libido occurred at a higher frequency among patients receiving gabapentin than among those receiving placebo [6].

High impact information on Flatulence

  • Increased stool frequency, decreased stool consistency, and more frequent flatulence, borborygmi, and distention were found with the lactose diet, although classic lactose intolerance (plasma glucose rise of less than 26 mg/dl) was indicated in only two patients [7].
  • The most frequent side-effects to acarbose treatment were flatulence and diarrhoea [8].
  • In contrast, the analysis revealed a higher frequency (p less than 0.01) of flatulence in patients treated with lactulose compared with those treated with lactitol [9].
  • In conclusion, this meta-analysis shows no statistical difference between therapeutic effects of lactitol and lactulose, but it does show a higher frequency of flatulence with lactulose [9].
  • Acarbose alone or in combination with tolbutamide caused significantly more gastrointestinal adverse events (mainly flatulence and soft stools or diarrhea) than tolbutamide or placebo, but these were generally well tolerated [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Flatulence

  • S-LNP subjects have underlying flatulence that is misattributed to lactose intolerance [11].
  • Ten subjects had significantly greater flatulence while taking the oligosaccharide than did five subjects taking sucrose (5 g tid) [12].
  • Bay-m-1099 did not affect postprandial plasma triglycerides and was well tolerated, the major side effect being flatulence (4/9) and mild diarrhea (4/9) [13].
  • Muscular aching, flatulence, and daily drowsiness were more common among subjects in the methadone group, while subjects in the clonidine group had more sleep disturbances and weeping [14].
  • Flatulence was significantly greater after lactulose and l-rhamnose than after d-glucose (P < 0.0001), an effect that lasted 4 wk with lactulose but only 1 wk with l-rhamnose [15].

Anatomical context of Flatulence


Gene context of Flatulence

  • Because of the small doses of SMS 201-995 used side-effects of abdominal discomfort and flatulence were mild and rapidly disappeared [17].
  • Gastrointestinal side effects (e.g., abdominal pain, flatulence, and diarrhea) and serum transaminase elevations (e.g., aspartate aminotransferase [AST] and alanine aminotransferase [ALT] were more frequently reported in the acarbose-treated patients than in the placebo-treated control patients [18].
  • VAS scores for flatulence, but not other symptoms increased (P = 0.004) by 13.1 +/- 6.3 mm (mean +/- SEM) on a 100 mm scale after sorbitol alone or sorbitol with a meal (by 18.9 +/- 7.2 mm), but not after dextrose [19].
  • After the nutritional application was changed in O2, the PA group (G2) again showed a significantly better rate of flatulence, epigastric fullness, regurgitation, vomiting, diarrhea, and daily profile of blood glucose [20].
  • Subjective ratings of the severity of abdominal cramping, belching, flatulence, vomiting and diarrhoea were significantly decreased following ingestion of the lactase pellets and lactose (no incidence of diarrhoea) compared with after ingestion of placebo and lactose [21].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Flatulence


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