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The activity of cholesterol ester hydrolase in the enzymatic determination of cholesterol: comparison of five enzymes obtained commercially.

The use of five cholesterol ester hydrolases ( CEH), numbered 1 to 5, for the enzymatic determination of total cholesterol of human and rat serum are compared. All CEH gave approximately the same value (no statistical difference) for human serum. However, when rat serum cholesterol was determined, CEH-2 yielded a value significantly lower when compared to the four other CEH. The ability of each CEH to hydrolyze individual cholesterol esters was tested. During a 15-min incubation, all CEH were capable of hydrolyzing nearly 100% of cholesteryl oleate and linoleate. In contrast, the hydrolysis of cholesteryl arachidonate was only partial and varied from 20 to 80% depending on the CEH used. The highest hydrolysis was obtained by CEH-1 while the value given by CEH-2 was only 22% of that obtained by CEH-1. The rate of hydrolysis of cholesteryl arachidonate differed markedly among the CEH. The CEH-2-hydrolyzed the cholesteryl arachidonate at a rate seven times lower than the rate obtained with CEH-1. The data suggest that, Under our incubation conditions, CEH-2 did not properly hydrolyze the cholesteryl arachidonate. This phenomenon may be crucial whenever total cholesterol has to be determined enzymatically in the serum of species that contain large amount of cholesteryl arachidonate such as rat, mouse, or dog serum.[1]


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