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Recombination and mutation of class II histocompatibility genes in wild mice.

We have compared the tryptic peptide fingerprints of the A alpha, A beta, E alpha, and E beta subunits encoded by four wild-derived H-2 complexes expressing A molecules closely related to Ak. The A molecules encoded by these Ak-related mice have A alpha and A beta subunits that differ from A alpha k and A beta k by less than 10% of their tryptic peptides. Comparisons among the four wild-derived A molecules suggested that these contemporary A alpha and A beta alleles arose by sequential mutational events from common ancestor A alpha and A beta alleles. These results suggest that A alpha and A beta may co-evolve as an A beta A alpha gene duplex in wild mice. Tryptic peptide fingerprint comparisons of the E beta gene linked to these Ak-related A beta A alpha gene duplexes indicate that two encode E beta d-like subunits, whereas another encodes an E beta s-like subunit. These results strongly suggest that the A beta A alpha duplex and E beta recombine in wild mouse populations. The significantly different evolutionary patterns exhibited by the class II genes encoding A vs E molecules are discussed.[1]


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