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A genetic survey in four Mongoloid populations of the Garo Hills, India.

Four Mongoloid populations, viz., Garo , Hajong , Rabha and Koch, belonging to the Tibetoburman language family of Garo Hills, India, were examined for blood types ( A1A2BO , Rh, MN), secretor factor, ability to taste PTC and cerumen types. Gene A1 is more frequent than B in Hajong and Rabha . Garo shows a higher frequency of gene B, Koch also shows a little higher frequency of gene B than A. R1 is the commonest chromosome in all the groups followed by R2. Frequency of gene M is very high in all these populations. In respect of ABH secretion in saliva, there is preponderance of the secretor gene. Incidence of non- taster gene is somewhat lower in them. Dry cerumen gene is frequent in these Mongoloid groups. In general, the Garo Hills populations show closer affinity to the Mongoloids of Northeast India in respect of gene frequencies.[1]


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