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Evaluation of the pulmonary effects of wood smoke in guinea pigs by repeated CO2 challenges.

Male, English smooth haired guinea pigs were exposed to thermal decomposition products, i.e., smoke, generated by heating Douglas fir in an open system. Various amounts of Douglas fir were placed in a furnace, at room temperature, and heated at a rate of 11 degrees C/min until completely decomposed. Major decomposition occurred between 160 and 490 degrees C, and the animals were exposed during this time for a period of 30 min. Immediately before exposure and at various times after exposure, each animal was evaluated by whole-body plethysmography to measure tidal volume and respiratory frequency during air breathing as well as during challenge with 10% CO2. Exposure to smoke from Douglas fir resulted in a diminished ventilatory response to 10% CO2. Comparing the effect of wood smoke to the effect of smoke from polyvinylchloride from previous experiments wood smoke was found to be 10 times less potent than smoke from polyvinylchloride and animals recovered much more rapidly than with smoke from polyvinylchloride.[1]


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