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The immunosuppressive effect of beta-[1-phenyl-5-bis(beta-chloroethyl)-aminobenzimidazolyl-(2)]-DL-alanine (ZIMET 3164) on cell-mediated immunity in mice.

The potential immunosuppressive drug beta-[1-Phenyl-5-bis(beta-chloroethyl-5-amino-benzimidazolyl-(2)]-DL-alanine (ZIMET 3164) was tested for its effect on cell-mediated immunity. The models "skin grafting" and "contact hypersensitivity" were used. --The results showed a marked prolongation of the mean survival time of the skin grafts and also a high depression of the contact hypersensitivity (delayed hypersensitivity) to picryl chloride. The immunosuppressive efficacy of ZIMET 3164 was higher than that of the reference compound cyclophosphamide.[1]


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