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Contact sensitivity to azobenzenearsonate and its inhibition after interaction of sensitized cells with antigen-conjugated cells.

Painting mice on the skin with the diazonium salt of p-arsanilic acid elicited two types of T cell activity. One was restricted by the I region of the major histocompatibility complex and was responsible for the transfer of azobenzenearsonate (ABA) sensitivity to naive mice. The other was H-2K restricted and could be demonstrated by its ability to interact specifically with ABA-coupled cells in vitro and to inhibit nonspecifically the transfer of sensitivity by cells sensitized either to ABA or to another antigen. Free antigen, or antibody directed against the cross-reactive idiotype on the anti-ABA antibodies of A/J mice, could inhibit the H-2K-restricted suppressive activity induced in the ABA immune A/J cells.[1]


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