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Negative regulation of beta and beta' synthesis by RNA polymerase.

The genes for the beta and beta' subunits of RNA polymerase, rpoB and rpoC, and the genes for the two ribosomal proteins, rplL and rplJ, are part of the beta operon. Although this operon and contains a single strong promoter, the genes of the operon are not always coordinately expressed in vivo. This has now been confirmed in vitro where the lack of coordinate expression has been shown to be correlated with the selective inhibition of rpoB and rpoC gene expression by RNa polymerase. Rifampicin, which stops the initiation of transcription, also relieves this autogenous inhibition of beta and beta' (beta beta') synthesis. The inhibitory action of RNA polymerase and its reversal by rifampicin most likely occurs at a posttranscriptional or translation level.[1]


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