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Flow cytometric analysis of proflavine uptake into normal rat hepatocytes and cells arising during AAF-induced hepatocarcinogenesis.

The uptake of the fluorescent drug proflavine was measured in suspensions of hepatocytes from normal and carcinogen (2-acetylaminofluorine, AAF)-fed rats by flow cytometry. Drug uptake into hepatocytes from carcinogen-fed animals was consistently lower than that into hepatocytes from normal animals. Isolated nuclei, prepared from the livers of normal and AAF-fed rats showed similar proflavine uptake. Drug uptake into hepatocytes from AAF-fed animals, however, was increased by prior exposure to a metabolic inhibitor. Thus, differences in drug uptake may reflect changes in the cell membrane, together with an alteration in the metabolic integrity of the cells. The uptake of drug in hepatocytes from AAF-fed rats was uniformly low within each cell preparation. However, drug uptake varied not only between tumours arising in the livers of these animals but also within each tumour cell preparation. This study indicates that flow cytometry can provide an effective means for analysing drug uptake into cell populations arising during hepatocarcinogenesis.[1]


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