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Evaluation of hospital care in one trauma care system.

To evaluate the effectiveness of the trauma care system in the Hudson Valley Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Region, (with no designated regional trauma care center) 421 consecutive trauma autopsy reports for 1979-80 were analyzed. Of the 421 trauma patients, 194 died at the scene (DAS), most from vehicular accidents. The remaining 227 patients were triaged into the EMS system. Ninety-five were dead on arrival (DOA) at medical facilities; of 132 (31 per cent) who arrived alive at hospitals, 35 died in emergency rooms and 97 died later as inpatients. Nearly 60 per cent of the deaths involved brain injuries. A panel of five physician-evaluators examined the pathologist's analysis of those deaths considered to have been possibly preventable and concluded that 10 deaths (7.6 per cent) of in-hospital cases were preventable. The study showed the need for primary prevention of accidents to decrease the number of victims (46 per cent) who died at the scene and those (23 per cent) who were dead on arrival at hospitals.[1]


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