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Disease relevance of Inpatients


Psychiatry related information on Inpatients


High impact information on Inpatients

  • Fluoxetine may be less effective than tricyclic antidepressant drugs for the treatment of inpatients with severe melancholic depression, and it should not be the first choice of a drug for them [11].
  • For all episodes of pain, the duration of inpatient analgesic therapy (intravenous and oral) was significantly shorter for the patients who received methylprednisolone than for those given placebo (mean, 41.3 vs 71.3 hours; P = 0.030) [12].
  • The inpatient program combined comprehensive psychiatric and medical evaluation, detoxification with oxazepam, and the initiation of rehabilitation treatment [13].
  • During that period, the mean length of hospitalization decreased (from 21.9 to 12.6 days; P less than 0.0001), inpatient physical therapy decreased (from 7.6 to 6.3 sessions; P less than 0.04), and the maximal distance walked before discharge fell (from 27 to 11 m [93 to 38 ft]; P less than 0.0001) [14].
  • DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS: Representative samples of 390 patients from 2 methadone maintenance treatment programs (MMTPs) and 531 patients from 13 short-term residential substance abuse treatment (inpatient) programs, all in New York State, were surveyed in late 2000 and early 2001 [15].

Chemical compound and disease context of Inpatients


Biological context of Inpatients


Anatomical context of Inpatients

  • METHODS: We assayed cerebrospinal fluid for glutamate and obtained clinical symptom ratings in 19 medication-free (except p.r.n. chloral hydrate) schizophrenic or schizoaffective (typically with significant schizophrenic qualities) male inpatients [26].
  • In the present study, homovanillic acid in plasma (pHVA) and benzodiazepine receptors (3H-PK11195 binding) in neutrophil membranes were determined in blood obtained from cocaine-dependent (DSM-III-R) adult male inpatients at baseline-(within 72 hr of last cocaine use) and after 3 weeks of cocaine abstinence, and normal controls [27].
  • A 15-week double-blind, randomized, within-patient design was used to assess carbamazepine versus placebo as adjunctive treatment in chronic hospitalized psychiatric inpatients (predominantly schizophrenic) with EEG temporal lobe abnormalities but no clinical evidence of epilepsy [28].
  • The relative utility of steady-state (SS), plasma (Pl), and red blood cell (RBC) haloperidol levels for predicting clinical response was evaluated in a fixed-dose study in schizophrenic inpatients [29].
  • Cutaneous microcirculation was investigated in 30 major depressed inpatients receiving either 150 mg amitriptyline (n = 15) or 30 mg fluoxetine (n = 15) as monotherapy, and in 15 normal control subjects matched for age and sex [30].

Associations of Inpatients with chemical compounds

  • INTERVENTIONS--After baseline measures were obtained, subjects were randomly assigned to placebo or an 11-, 22-, or 44-mg/d dose of transdermal nicotine and admitted to a special hospital unit for intensive inpatient treatment of nicotine dependence [2].
  • Clonidine hydrochloride was administered to ten patients in an inpatient setting after abrupt discontinuation of chronic methadone hydrochloride administration [31].
  • Using Centers for Disease Control estimates of 18,720 patients diagnosed as having AIDS and alive during any part of 1985, we estimate that the total cost of inpatient care for patients with AIDS was $380 million for that year [32].
  • During the 6-day inpatient stay, daily nicotine and cotinine levels were determined from trough and peak blood samples [2].
  • METHODS: To evaluate the role of dopamine release by such cues, 20 cocaine-dependent inpatients were randomised in a single-dose, crossover, placebo-controlled design, to haloperidol (4 mg by mouth) and placebo [33].

Gene context of Inpatients


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Inpatients


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