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Studies on equine prematurity 1: Methodology.

This paper describes the general management of mares and foals during the perinatal period and the methodology used in a collaborative research project on equine prematurity. Sixteen mares with dated pregnancies delivered 45 foals over three breeding seasons (1981 to 1983). In the majority, parturition was induced with oxytocin and/or fluprostenol; the remainder were allowed to foal spontaneously. Pre-colostral milk analysis provided a means of assessing the pre-foaling status of the mare. All were observed and monitored before, during and after parturition and the sampling protocol for both mare and newborn foal is discussed in detail. The foals were assessed for their degree of maturity at birth using behavioural, haematological, acid-base status and other criteria; they were then assigned to groups for further study and tests.[1]


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