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Associations of Parturition with chemical compounds

  • Glucocorticoids accelerate fetal lung maturation in all mammals studied, and in some species, such as goat and sheep, concentrations of fetal cortisol increase sharply before term, bringing about a train of events leading to parturition [28].
  • Unlike progesterone antagonists, asoprisnil does not induce labor in relevant models of pregnancy and parturition [29].
  • Adequate response of plasma 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D to parturition in paretic (milk fever) dairy cows [30].
  • However, mammary lobuloalveolar outgrowth during pregnancy was curtailed, and females failed to lactate after parturition because of a failure of terminal differentiation [31].
  • Changes in cells responsive to IL-7 were evident as early as 6.5 d of pregnancy and values were < 10% of normal at parturition [32].

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