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Mutagenicity of urine of bidi and cigarette smokers and tobacco chewers.

Mutagenicity of urine concentrates from smokers, chewers and non-smokers prepared by the XAD-2 method were first tested in the Ames Salmonella assay with TA 1538 as the indicator organism. Aroclor 1254 induced rat liver supernatant (S9 mix) was used for metabolic activation. Those samples which were positive in Ames test were pooled and were tested in two other test systems, namely, the micronucleus test in mouse bone marrow cells and the induction of 8-azaguanine resistance in V79 Chinese hamster cells. The data presented here show that cigarette and bidi smokers' urine is mutagenic while non-smokers' urine is devoid of mutagenic effects. Urine of tobacco chewers showed variation in its mutagenic potential. Amongst the three tobacco habits bidi smokers' urine showed maximum activity.[1]


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