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Histochemical characteristics of the tensor tympani muscle in relation to the medial gastrocnemius muscle of the cat.

Serial 10-micron cryostat cross-sections of the tensor tympani muscle and of the medial gastrocnemius muscle from adult domestic cats were incubated for myofibrillar ATPase, NADH tetrazolium reductase (NADH-TR), succinic dehydrogenase (SDH), malate dehydrogenase ( MDH) and menadione-linked alpha-glycerophosphate dehydrogenase (alpha GPDH). The optical density of individual tensor tympani and gastrocnemius muscle fibres after different incubation procedures was measured photometrically. The absorbance values of the tensor tympani fibres were related to the values of the type I, type IIA and type IIB fibres of the gastrocnemius muscle. Only two different types of fibre could be demonstrated in the tensor tympani, one type resembling the type I and another resembling the type IIA of the gastrocnemius muscle. The findings are discussed in relation to other, recent immunohistochemical studies on cat tensor tympani muscle fibres.[1]


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