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In vitro and in vivo demonstration of the cytoprotective effect of (+)-cyanidanol-3.

In vitro and in vivo investigations were undertaken to demonstrate cytoprotective effect of (+)-cyanidanol-3 on human erythrocytes. The time of full haemolysis induced by hydrochloride acid was measured and dynamic haemolysis curve was recorded with an aggregometer. In vitro, following a one-hour incubation of erythrocytes with (+)-cyanidanol-3 at 37 degrees C, significant increase of the haemolysis time could be demonstrated. The most expressive cytoprotective effect was observed at (+)-cyanidanol-3 concentrations of 2, 5 and 10 micrograms/ml. In vivo, two hours following the oral administration of 1.5 g Catergen, an increase of the haemolysis time for about 25% could be demonstrated. This simple method seems to be suitable for the investigation of the membrane stabilizing effect of (+)-cyanidanol-3.[1]


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