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Glutathathione synthetase of bovine lens: anomalies of the enzyme-catalyzed formation of ophthalmic acid.

The activity of glutathione synthetase from bovine lens was examined as a functions of the concentration of L-gamma-glutamyl-L-alpha-aminobutyrate, the dipeptide substrate required in the formation of ophthalmic acid. Several significant anomalies of the glutathione synthetase-catalyzed formation of ophthalmic acid were found. Curvilinearity of double reciprocal plots occurred with this substrate; this curvilinearity shows substrate activation of the reaction which is likely a result of negative cooperativity. Both ATP4- and, to a lesser extent Mg2+ inhibited the reaction, whereas MgATP2- is the substrate; maximum activity occurred with 2 mM Mg2+ in excess of the concentration of added ATP. This investigation shows that it is necessary to establish a defined set of conditions for reporting enzyme activity and that the usual practice of using very large concentrations of Mg2+ relative to ATP, and 5- to 20-fold excess of the dipeptide will give less than optimum activity. The unit of enzyme activity is suggested to be that activity in ml using 2 mM ATP, 4 mM Mg2+, 30 mM glycine and 15 mM L-gamma-glutamyl-alpha-aminobutyrate, which results in the formation of 1 nmole/minute of ADP or P(i). In this study, 5'-AMP was for the first time, shown to be an inhibitor of the reaction with a K(i) of 0.9 mM.[1]


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