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The relationship between transformation and somatic mutation in human and Chinese hamster cells.

The frequencies of transformations of primary human and Chinese hamster fibroblasts have been compared with the spontaneous and induced frequencies of mutation for resistance to thioguanine and ouabain, and for ability to use fructose, using the carcinogens benzo (alpha) pyrene and urethane. Whereas the rates and frequencies of mutation were similar in the two cell systems, transformations to morphologically altered cells was observed only in hamster cells. The frequency of this latter transformation event in hamster cells was abour 10(3) greater than the frequencies of mutation in these cells. The morphologically altered cells formed in the above transformation process cannot grow in agar (aga-) and do not produce tumors when injected into animals. The frequency of transition of these latter cells to aga+ cells which produce tumors in animals is similar to the mutation-like events.[1]


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