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A case comparison study of carbon disulfide retinopathy and diabetic retinopathy using fluorescein fundus angiography.

To clarify the pathological difference of retinal changes between carbon disulfide (CS2) and diabetic retinopathies, fluorescein fundus angiograms of 92 workers with CS2 retinopathy (Group I) were compared with those of 37 cases with diabetic retinopathy (Group II) and 40 workers who had not been exposed to CS2 (Group III). The results were: 1) Ellipsoid or loop-shaped microaneurysms were observed in 25% of Group I, and in 5% of Groups II and III. 2) Fluorescein leakage from vessels was observed in Group II, but not in Groups I and III. 3) An avascular area of the retina was observed in Groups I and II. The avascular area in CS2 retinopathy was small and local and showed no tendency of enlarging. 4) Atrophic/degenerative changes of the pigmentary epithelium were observed in 40% of Group I, 11% of Group II and 15% of Group III.[1]


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