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Long-term effects of beclomethasone dipropionate on prednisone dosage in the corticosteroid-dependent asthmatic.

The average prednisone dosage of 54 corticosteroid-dependent asthmatics was computed for one year prior to initiation of beclomethasone dipropionate. This was compared to the average prednisone dosage after nine months on the beclomethasone with progressive tapering of prednisone to either dose compatible with control of asthma or discontinuation. Beclomethasone was found clinically useful in the great majority of these patients because it permitted a significant decrease in dosage of prednisone, a change from daily to alternate-day prednisone, or discontinuation of prednisone after cautious tapering. The first two advantages were most evident in those asthmatics who initially required higher doses of oral steroids while the latter was evident in those requiring lower doses. Those patients whose prednisone dosage does not appear to be beneficially affected by the use of beclomethasone should be suspect as to adherence to proper medical dosage schedule.[1]


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