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Chemical Compound Review

AGN-PC-00YNHO     [2-(9-chloro-11-hydroxy- 10,13,16-trimethyl...

Synonyms: SureCN2404673, KBioGR_000652, KBioSS_000468, CCG-40328, NINDS_000839, ...
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  • In this study, we examined the effect of inhaled beclomethasone dipropionate (BDP) on bone mineral density (BMD) and biochemical markers of bone metabolism in pre- and early postmenopausal asthmatic women [16].
  • Thus, early postmenopausal, but not premenopausal, asthmatic patients who were treated with inhaled BDP had reduced BMD, which was associated with a decreased level of the bone formation marker [16].
  • Fluticasone propionate (FP) is a new ICS with a higher clinical potency than beclomethasone dipropionate (BDP) combined with negligible oral bioavailability [17].
  • Six-minute walk test results and sputum analysis for cell count and differential were not significantly different during placebo and BDP treatment periods [18].
  • Inflammatory indexes in induced sputum, exhaled nitric oxide levels, and vascular permeability index were examined in 11 normal control subjects, 19 beclomethasone dipropionate (BDP)-treated subjects with asthma, 20 non-BDP-treated subjects with asthma, and 17 patients with eosinophilic bronchitis [19].



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