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Chemical Compound Review

AC1LCTU8     (8R,9R,10R,13R,14R,17S)-17- hydroxy-17-(2...

Synonyms: 1-Cortisone
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Disease relevance of prednisone


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Chemical compound and disease context of prednisone


Biological context of prednisone

  • Eleven of 12 patients (92 percent) responded to prednisone with a mean threefold increase in the platelet count, resulting from increased platelet production (P less than 0.005); platelet survival was unchanged [21].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Treating women who have autoantibodies and recurrent fetal loss with prednisone and aspirin is not effective in promoting live birth, and it increases the risk of prematurity [22].
  • Measurement of forced vital capacity and forced expiratory volume in one second showed that there was no deterioration in the condition of patients in whom the dosage of prednisone was reduced [23].
  • The patients continued to receive prednisone (mean daily dose, 25 mg) and were randomly assigned to receive one infusion of immune globulin (2 g per kilogram of body weight) or placebo per month for three months, with the option of crossing over to the alternative therapy for three more months [24].
  • Prednisone treatment for infertility and subsequent pregnancy maintenance in humans resulted in a significant decrease in the birth weight of full-term infants and a marked increase in the percentage of newborn infants weighing 2500 grams or less, that is, "light for dates" in comparison to control offspring [25].

Anatomical context of prednisone


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Gene context of prednisone

  • After a 1-wk course of prednisone, IL-2 expression was not altered in either group [36].
  • In contrast, after prednisone treatment, SR asthmatics had no significant change in either the number of BAL cells expressing mRNA for IL-4 or IL-5 [36].
  • Higher levels of MRP3 were found in patients with a poor in vivo response to prednisone, but this could not be confirmed in an independent case-control study (40 patients) for prednisone response [37].
  • However, inflammatory indices, which included the thickness of the lining cell layer and the density of the mononuclear cell infiltrate, were significantly higher in the RA patients treated with prednisone and those treated with MTX (P less than 0.05) [38].
  • Prednisone increases PGH-synthase 2 in atopic humans in vivo [39].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of prednisone


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