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"Race related illness in Vietnamese refugees".

The author worked for six weeks in September 1982, as a Medical Practitioner and Psychiatrist at the first Asylum Centre Puerto-Princessa, Palawan, Philippines. This paper relates relevant aspects of Mental Health needs of Vietnamese refugees related to racism, aftermath of war, leaving home-land without preparation, perilous escape, prolonged stay in cramped refugee camps, and move on to unsettled, unsure future in another country with alien culture and environment. Changes of life situation, loss of business, property or occupation, loss of loved ones, separation from friends, disruption of family relationships are related to racism and persecution elements in 'Boat People'. The most frequent psychiatric illnesses among the refugees are: depression, anxiety state, psychosomatic disease and psychosis. A special mental health project is needed to train health workers, provide service and consultation and to organising research activities. On the preventive aspects, primary prevention may be achieved by less stress on rapid assimilation and the reduced likelihood of discrimination, hostility and prejudice. Secondary prevention consists of early detection of the disease and early initiation of treatment and tertiary prevention consists of the elimination or reduction of residual disability after an illness.[1]


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