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Effects of extracellular calmodulin and calmodulin antagonists on B16 melanoma cell growth.

Two drugs known to inhibit the action of calmodulin, prochlorperazine offP) and N-(6-aminohexyl)-5-chloro-1-napthalene sulfonamide (W7), were investigated for their ability to control cell proliferation in murine B16 melanoma cells in culture. PCP and W7 inhibited [3H]thymidine uptake in these cells, 50% inhibition occurring with 13 microM PCP and 40 microM W7. In the presence of relatively high concentrations of fetal calf serum (FCS), cells withstood high concentrations of both drugs (100 microM PCP and 200 microM W7) and showed increased pigment production. Drug-inhibited DNA synthesis could be reversed by the addition of fresh medium containing FCS or by the addition of exogenous pure calmodulin. Extracellular calmodulin itself stimulated DNA synthesis. FCS was found to contain calmodulin-like activity at concentrations that may be relevant to the stimulation of [3H]thymidine uptake by cells in culture.[1]


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