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Estrogen regulation of follicle-stimulating hormone production in vitro: species variation.

Pituitary cell cultures were used to investigate factors, such as species, sex, and age, which might be associated with differences in FSH regulation by estrogens. 17 beta-Estradiol at 10(-9) M inhibited spontaneous secretion of FSH in sheep, pig, and cow cell cultures (65-95%), had no detectable effect on rabbit cell cultures, and stimulated spontaneous secretion of FSH in rat cell cultures (1.5- to 5-fold). These differential effects of 17 beta-estradiol were not due to changes in cell division; gonadotrophs did not divide in culture, and general cell division was unaffected by 17 beta-estradiol. Differences in 17 beta-estradiol action on FSH secretion were not associated wih age or sex. Spontaneous secretion of FSH from pituitary cell cultures also varied according to species and was ranked: rabbit approximately equal to sheep > pig > rat > cow. Secretion and synthesis of FSH were tightly coupled in at least three of these species. Nonestrogenic steroids, such as androgens, progestins, and corticosterone, exhibited only minor effects on spontaneous secretion of FSH in either male or female sheep cell culture. These results clearly show that estrogens are capable of altering FSH secretion and synthesis differentially in pituitary cell cultures from different species. It is possible that the differences noted in pituitary cell cultures from various species also exist in vivo.[1]


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