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Synthesis of Bacillus cereus spore coat protein.

The major structural protein of Bacillus cereus spore coats was synthesized, commencing 1 to 2 h after the end of exponential growth, as a precursor with a mass of ca. 65,000 daltons. About 40% of this precursor, i.e. 26,000 daltons, was converted to spore coat monomers of 13,000 daltons each, perhaps as disulfide-linked dimers. The rate of conversion varied, being initially slow, most rapid at the time of morphogenesis of the coat layers, and then slow again late in sporulation, coincident with a decrease in intracellular protease activity. There was a second major spore coat polypeptide of about 26,000 daltons that was extractable from mature spores in variable amounts. This protein had a peptide profile and a reactivity with spore coat protein antibody that were very similar to those of the 13,000-dalton monomers. It is probably a disulfide-linked dimer that is not readily dissociated.[1]


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