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Quantitative in situ hybridization reveals extent of sequence homology between related DNA sequences in Drosophila melanogaster.

Cloned DNA from the larval serum protein one ( LSP-1) genes was hybridized to polytene chromosomes of D. melanogaster. The ratio of grains deposited over any two of the three LSP-1 genes with any one LSP-1 subunit probe was constant. Varying the gene dose of any one LSP-1 subunit relative to the others by up to six fold gave a linear relationship of grain ratios to gene ratios. We show that these constant ratios closely reflect the extent of sequence homology between the genes as determined by heteroduplex mapping (Smith et al., 1981) and thermal denaturation studies. The results obtained demonstrate that the LSP-1 subunit genes are present in equal copies in the genome.[1]


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