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Molecular and immunological comparison of human dihydropteridine reductase in liver, cultured fibroblasts and continuous lymphoid cells.

An antiserum was raised in a rabbit against highly purified human liver dihydropteridine reductase (EC Dihydropteridine reductase from human liver, in human cultured fibroblasts and in continuous lymphoid cells all showed identical antigenic properties. The structural characteristics of the reductase from these three sources were further compared by the use of high-precision two-dimensional polyacrylamide-gel electrophoresis. The enzyme from radiolabelled fibroblasts and continuous lymphoid cells was isolated by immunoprecipitation or by affinity chromatography and compared with the purified liver enzyme. Two major polypeptide species were resolved, and polypeptides from all three sources co-migrated identically. Indirect evidence is presented indicating that one of the polypeptide species may have been derived from the other via a post-translational modification. These results support the concept that the same structural gene(s) encodes for dihydropteridine reductase in human liver, fibroblasts and lymphocytes.[1]


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