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rCBF in patients with carotid occlusion. Resting and hypercapnic flow related to collateral pattern.

rCBF was measured by 133Xenon inhalation technique in 39 patients with unilateral carotid artery occlusion in a subacute-chronic stage. Resting flow values (ISI) varied between 23.7 and 52.4 ml/100 g/min. An almost constant finding was interhemispheric asymmetry, the degree of which was correlated with the severity of the initial symptoms. An ischemic focus was an insignificant finding. The CO2 response was normal in patients with angiographic signs of circle of Willis collateral flow and without significant contralateral carotid stenosis, whereas it was impaired in patients with a retrograde ophthalmic flow or collateral flow via the circle of Willis and contralateral carotid stenosis greater than or equal to 50%. It is concluded that the CO2 response in useful rCBF variable and may be applied for analysis of collateral flow capacity in patients with carotid artery occlusion considered for bypass surgery.[1]


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