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Effect of dietary modification on the enhanced uptake of cholesterol in diabetic rats.

Previous studies have demonstrated an enhanced intestinal uptake (Jd) of nutrients in diabetes mellitus in the rat, and the present studies were undertaken to determine the effect of dietary modifications on the Jd of cholesterol. In control rats, cholesterol Jd was highest in animals fed a low cholesterol diet, and lowest in those fed a high protein diet. Cholesterol Jd was highest in diabetic animals fed a high carbohydrate diet. Cholesterol Jd was higher in diabetic than in control rats only when they were fed the high carbohydrate diet; cholesterol Jd was similar in diabetic and control animals fed a high cholesterol, high protein, or low protein diet, and was lower in diabetic than control rats fed a low cholesterol diet. These changes in cholesterol Jd were not explained by differences in parameters of intestinal structure, weight gain, or food consumption. Thus the differences in cholesterol Jd observed between diabetic and control animals may be modified by varying the composition of the diet, and avoiding a high carbohydrate diet prevents the enhanced Jd of cholesterol in drug-induced diabetes mellitus.[1]


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