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Impaired handling of orally administered zinc in pancreatic insufficiency.

Five patients with pancreatic insufficiency were evaluated for presence of impaired handling of orally administered zinc. Six hospital employees, eight alcoholic cirrhotics, and four patients with small bowel disease served as healthy or chronically ill controls. Two zinc tolerance tests (ZTT) were performed on each subject, one test using zinc sulfate and the other using zinc dipicolinate, a putative zinc binding ligand. Healthy controls demonstrated normal ZTT curves, with no significant difference between the two forms of zinc. Chronically ill controls had significantly depressed ZTT curves compared to healthy controls with both forms of zinc administered. In contrast, pancreatic insufficiency patients had significantly depressed ZTT curves with zinc sulfate but not with zinc dipicolinate, demonstrating a 40% reduction in the area under the curve with zinc sulfate compared to healthy controls. Our study shows impaired handling of orally administered zinc sulfate but not zinc dipicolinate in patients with pancreatic insufficiency and suggests normal pancreatic function may play a role in zinc metabolism in man.[1]


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